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The digital era -

the virtual assistant is part of it too

Everything is possible - Virtual administrative support services!

Votre temps est précieux!

The evolution of technology helps businesses to go about their tasks differently and more efficiently.


From your laptop, your smartphone, whether you are in New York, in Paris or in Montreal, you always have access to multiple services.

The virtual assistant works remotely offering virtual administrative support for you; wherever you may be, so you can maximize your time and the success of your business!


  • You’re an independent worker, a micro business or a SME and you are not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel;

  • you are swamped by your administrative tasks;


  • you are always on the road and do not have time to call your customers, to give a good customer service experience;  


  • you just have no time to follow-up or update your website and social media and more so, you worry about your professional image; 

  • your business is growing, and you are overwhelmed by the events. You cannot afford to hire a fulltime assistant, nor do you have the space and proper equipment for that person.   

Did you answer YES to any of these situations?

A virtual assistant can help you…




I offer variable services and adjustable to your needs:  


  • Design, production and management of your web site and social media

  • Drafting, translation and revision of texts

  • Design, production of documents

  • Customer service

  • And even more!

It will be my pleasure to further discuss your needs, so we can find THE SOLUTION in order to SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM

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